RESNET HERS Rater Training

Training Summary

The Northeast HERS Alliance offers a hybrid training course, comprised of 36 hours of online instruction and 5-days of classroom/field instruction, designed to prepare individuals to become certified Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Raters. The course meets the national standard for the training and certification of energy raters adopted by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).

The class covers:

  • Basic energy and building science concepts
  • Field experience with blower door testing and duct blasting
  • Training on the latest version of REM/Rate software
  • A new module on taking the Practical Simulation Exam
  • Combustion safety and workscope concepts

To meet RESNET’s field testing requirements, each student will conduct a field rating and blower door test in the presence of a trainer. New RESNET requirements include additional training and testing on combustion safety.  The course now includes preparation and proctoring for the 50-question multiple-choice rater exam, a new 25-question multiple-choice combustion safety exam, the combustion safety practical exam and the new practical simulation exam.  

Fees and Policies

The cost for the full rater training is $2595.00 (an Early Bird Discount of $200 off is available for those who register 4 weeks in advance) and includes:

  • 36 hours of online instruction
  • 5 days classroom/field instruction
  • Two of the five Probationary Ratings overseen by a RESNET certified Candidate Field Assessor required by RESNET
  • Preparation, fees, and proctoring for all four of the RESNET exams (INCLUDING the new Practical Simulation Exam)
  • Reference materials, lunches, and a one-year membership to the Alliance

A payment of $1000 is required with the application to hold a space for the class. The balance must be paid prior to day one of the class.  Registration and payment can be done using a credit card online from our Events page.  Click on the training you are interested to register.

The both portions of the course are available separately for those who want to complete their Rater certification in stages, have had previous training, or wish to gain knowledge or experience for reasons other than Rater certification.

Pricing for Training Components:

Online Training only: $650.00* (does not include software or testing)
Classroom/Field Training only: $1995.00* (includes tests). Please note that RESNET requires raters to complete an entire rater training course for certification as defined in section 202 of the RESNET standards

*Requires permission of the trainer(s).

NEHERS Refund Policy

The Alliance is pleased to be able to offer high quality HERS Rater training in the Northeast. It would be unfortunate to have to cancel a class at the last minute because one or more students drop out. In order to cover our costs and continue to hold classes when there are cancellations, our refund policy is as follows:

If notice of your cancellation is received in writing (email), or by speaking live to a training coordinator:

  • 21 or more days prior to online class: You will be refunded the full training cost minus $100 processing fee, OR you may apply the fee, plus $100 for processing, to a future Alliance training session if one is available*.
  • Between 21 and 8 days prior to the online class: You will be refunded the full training cost minus $250, OR you may apply the fee, plus $100 for processing, to a future Alliance training session if one is available*.
  • 7 calendar days or less prior to the online class: No refund, OR you may apply the fee, plus $100 for processing, to a future Alliance training session if one is available*.

Exceptions to the above stated policy are rare but will be considered on a case by case basis with the approval of the NEHERS Board of Directors. If you have to cancel a class, contact the training coordinator immediately at 978-633-3013.

*Future Alliance training sessions, may or may not include third party subsidies, therefore future sessions may be at a higher cost than the one from which you are withdrawing.

Training Requirements

Information about registration requirements, computer requirements and what to bring to class.

Rater Training Prerequisites

There are no official prerequisites for attending the training. However, for those who do not already have a strong, or current, background in building science, attendance at the training alone may not be sufficient to pass the exam.   Candidates are encouraged to study on their own prior to the rater training course using such reference materials as Residential Energy, by John Krigger. You can purchase this book along with your registration or from our online store for $81.75 (including shipping). This book covers basic home performance technical material and is easy to refer to during the open book exam.

For students taking the Full Rater Training, you must complete the Online Training before being admitted to the Classroom training.

What To Bring

Online course:  Materials will be provided. See computer specifications below.

For classroom: Each attendee must bring his or her own PC-Compatible (could be a Mac with a Windows emulator loaded - please request more details) laptop computer (specifications below). The trainer will distribute the latest version of rating software to each student on the first day of class for temporary use.

Laptop computer specifications:

  • CPU: 1 GHz Pentium II or faster
  • RAM: 512 MB minimum
  • Disk Space: 1 GB free
  • Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels minimum
  • Operating System:
    • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista
    • MacIntosh with Windows emulator running and a copy of one of the approved Windows Oss installed. Please have this tested and working properly prior to class.  Contact me for more information.
  • Web Browser: The latest version of your browser of choice (recommended: either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Ethernet port and/or wireless capability
  • CD-ROM drive and USB port
  • A power strip and computer power cord

For field training: Handheld calculator, tape measure, flashlight, and clipboard.

Additional Resources