Rating Field Inspector Test Set-Up

A Rating Field Inspector works under the direct supervision of a certified Home Energy Rater and may conduct the field inspections necessary to produce a home energy rating. In order to become certified by a Rating Quality Assurance Provider the field inspector must fulfill the requirements outlined here, and must pass one of the three RESNET tests, whereas a certified Home Energy Rater must pass all three. NEHERS does not yet provide training for the Rating Field Inspector Certification, but we can set up the ResCaz Practical Test for you. NEHERS is an accredited Training Provider, but we are not a Quality Assurance Provider or a Field Mentor. At this time, the only part of this certification process we can assist you with, is setting up the ResCaz Practical Test. If you are earning your certification for Rating Field Inspector and this is your first time taking the test, please register for the test by contacting Betsy at 978-633-3013. In order to register for the test, you will need to pay a $50 set-up fee to NEHERS (which is in addition to the $199 fee paid to RESNET for the software and exam). Please call Betsy at 978-633-3013 to take this payment over the phone. You will also need to provide the name, address, phone and email information for the proctor you have selected (most people use a local library). More information about finding a proctor can be found here.