Interested in Becoming a Program Member?

Joining the Alliance as a Program Member is an investment in strengthening the HERS Rater Industry and in ensuring that there are well-trained, qualified raters to perform the ratings that each state's program requires. Program information is listed for all states behind the password protected member's corner, as a benefit to our rater and associate members and as a benefit to Program Members, we also list that state's program information on our website for the public to see as well. In addition to the Benefits for All Members, members in the Program Category also receive:

  • Listed on website home page under "Our Partners"
  • Program information listed on the website for anyone to see, not just in the members' corner
  • Opportunity to vote for and/or serve on the Alliance Board in the Program Category
  • Representation of the interests of our industry to RESNET
  • Access to the webinar PSD presented at the RESNET 2017 conference Raters' Perspectives on New Homes Programs: Designs that Drive Participation

Description: As a designer and implementer of residential new construction programs, manager of a HERS providership, and president of the Northeast Home Energy Rating System Alliance, the authors interact with HERS raters working in a variety of residential new construction programs across many states. Comments shared by dozens of raters made it clear that some programs presented a high “barrier to participation”, through difficult qualification criteria, challenging submission requirements, or hard to track down program staff, while participation in other programs was relatively easy. However, the viewpoints shared by raters were purely anecdotal. Despite the informality, it was clear that there was valuable feedback for program designers and administrators in the perspectives of these key trade allies. Therefore, the authors designed a survey to be administered to the 370 raters that are members of the Northeast Home Energy Rating System Alliance, which covers ten states. Included in these programs are the Massachusetts stretch codes and the evolution of New York State's programs as changes associated with “Reforming the Energy Vision” are rolled out. Survey questions included topics such as: how important are utility programs to the raters’ business; how many different programs do they participate in; how do programs support raters via marketing, technical assistance, and quality assurance; which forms of support are most valuable to the raters; what do programs require for submissions beyond a standard HERS rating; what factors if any limit your participation in utility programs. The survey also addresses variables such as the size of the raters’ business, and the level of incentives made available through programs they participate in.

Suggested annual fee is $.80 per rating done in the state, as reported by RESNET for the previous year (find data for 2016 here). Choose from the following tier structure:

  • Bronze ($500-$999)
  • Silver ($1000-$2499)
  • Gold ($2500-$4999)
  • Platinum ($5000+)

For information on becoming a Program Member, contact Betsy Ames at: or call 978-633-3013.

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