Become an Employer Partner

Apply to Become an Employer Partner

Massachusetts-based employers and companies that are based in surrounding states but do work in Massachusetts are welcome to apply on the link above to partner with us in placing our mentorship program RFI and HERS Modeler candidates for work. We intend to pair the candidates with employers early in the training process so that there is an opportunity to establish a relationship while the students are going through the training. We would be interested in exploring opportunities for job shadowing with your current employees as well.

The current schedule will be for candidates to progress as a class through recorded online modules and job shadowing field work during September and October, and then begin working on their mentored ratings or models in November as well as sit for their respective exams. December would be the beginning of the transition into the workplace, with ongoing case management support from us extending at least until April 2025, possibly longer.

Employer responsibilities would include providing access to field houses/building plans, support for the oversight of the candidates’ mentored ratings/models, and access to your QA provider to complete the certification process. We would also need a commitment to communicating regularly with the NEHERS team about your needs as an employer and providing regular updates on the progress of the candidate within your organization. We would also welcome your support, input, and collaboration on developing best practices for fully integrating job-ready candidates from Environmental Justice and/or low-income communities into your workplace. 

This mentorship program is a “work-in-progress” and you will also have the opportunity to collaborate with us on how to improve the program design for the future. Your input and feedback will be essential to the success of this program.

We are very excited to begin the process of interviewing candidates and pairing those selected with prospective employers. Please fill in the short employer intake form above if you would like us to add you to the list of employers who are willing to partner with us in this initiative.