NEHERS Alliance Committees

The Alliance Board maintains the following committees to discuss issues and help the Board make decisions. Members and non-members are welcome to participate on our GoToMeeting Board Committee Calls. Please contact Betsy at or 978-633-3013 for the current committee meeting schedule or to be added to the invitation distribution list of the committee you would like to join.

The Executive Committee consists of elected officers:

  • President, Mike Browne, Advanced Building Analysis
  • Vice President, Chris Mazzola, Home Energy Raters, LLC
  • Secretary, Mike Turns, Performance Systems Development
  • Treasurer, Nick Jones, Eversource

The Training Management Committee is responsible for all Rater training activities. This committee issues RFPs and selects trainers for future trainings.

  • Joe Rando, Chair, GDS Associates
  • Bruce Bennett, GDS Associates
  • Chris Mazzola, Home Energy Raters
  • Dillon Swol, EAM Associates
  • Rich Martin, MaGrann Associates
  • Peter Harding, Home Energy Technologies
  • Andy Buccino, Stephens and Company
  • Nick Jones, Eversource

The Membership/Communications Committee develops and implements strategies for outreach to potential Alliance members, expands Alliance services and is responsible for all internal and external communications including the NEHERS website, emails, publications, etc.

  • Mike Browne, Advanced Building Analysis

The Standards Committee helps Providers & Raters interpret and implement RESNET's standards for home energy ratings and provides a forum for Quality Assurance Designees and QAD Delegates to network and discuss issues relating to the quality and consistency of HERS ratings in our region.

  • Sara DeVico, BER, Chair

The Nominating Committee is charged with selecting a slate of Director candidates representing the expiring Director terms and any vacancies. The Committee term is one year.

The Manual Committee maintains and updates the NEHERS Alliance Training & Reference Manual and other publications.

  • Dillon Swol, EAM Associates, Chair
  • Mike Browne, ERM

The Professional Development Committee determines topics for monthly member calls and develops initiatives for other Professional Development activities.

  • Andy Buccino, Stephens and Company, Chair
  • Chris Mazzola, Home Energy Raters

The Energy Codes Committee is responsible for reviewing Residential Energy Code with respect to HERS Raters concerns, and taking actions where appropriate to attempt to improve the clarity and implementation of Residential Energy Code.

  • Mike Turns, Performance Systems Development

The Embodied Carbon Working Group is:

  • Andy Buccino, Stephens and Company
  • Chris Mazzola, Home Energy Raters
  • Mike Browne, ERM
  • Sara DeVico, BER