Register for a Re-Test

In the event that a student does not pass his or her tests during the training class, students may register for re-tests here. Students have 15 months to pass the re-test from the date of their original exam. It is up to each student and their QA provider to keep track of this timeframe. If a student has taken the test the first time with a certified RESNET trainer, the student may take the re-test with a local proctor. In order to register for NEHERS to set up the test, you will need to provide the name and email address of the proctor, as well as the location, time and date that the student has arranged with the proctor. Additional information about finding a proctor can be found here. 

NEHERS Fees: At the time of online application, NEHERS charges $50 to set up the exam, communicate with the proctor, do follow-up, and respond to the student. We waive our fee for the Combustion Safety Practical test and the Practical Simulation Exam for the first scheduled re-test.

RESNET Fees: At the time you take the exam, RESNET charges an exam fee:  $125 for the national rater exam. The CAZ Practical exam can be retaken at no charge and the Practical Simulation Exam allows three attempts before the student has to pay for the software again. The exam-taker is responsible for any fees the testing center/proctor may charge.

Once the student has completed all of the information on the online application and made payment there, NEHERS will register your testing time and application data through RESNET and then e-mail the instructions, including your username and password, to your proctor. You will receive an email when it is all set up.