NEHERS Mentorship Application

We are now accepting applications for our April 2024 RFI and HERS Modeler Pilot Project. We will be accepting 5-10 candidates to receive training to become either a Rating Field Inspector (RFI) or HERS Modeler.

Candidates applying for this program will participate in a comprehensive intake and needs assessment process, and if selected will receive comprehensive training, ongoing mentorship and case management, as well as, job placement support at no cost. Either pathway will serve as an excellent starting point on the way to becoming a fully credentialed HERS Rater.

1. Are you a resident of MA? (This pilot program is only available to MA residents)
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2. Personal Information
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3. What gender do you identify with?
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4. What is your age?
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5. Demographics (self-disclosed)
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6. How many people are in your household?
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7. What is your household annual income level?
Household Income: *
8. Is English your first language?
English: *
Native Language: If not, what is your native language?
9. Related Experience: (Previous Experience is not required)
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10. Do you have OSHA certification?
OSHA Certification: *
11. Highest Level of Education Completed
Education Level:

12. Current Employment Status
Employment Status: *

13. Work Authorization
US Citizen: *
If not, are you authorized to work in the US? (This is a requirement for the program)
Authorized: *

14. Do you have a valid driver's license and access to a vehicle/your own transportation? (This is a requirement for the program)
Drivers License: *
Vehicle: *
15. I understand that there is no stipend or subsidized wage for this training and that there will be a time commitment of approximately 20 hours per week (the schedules for the RFI and Modeler trainings will differ), and I would able to work around my current work schedule in order to participate in this Mentorship/ Training Program.
Agreement: *
16. I want to take this training to become a:
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17. References
References: *
With Contact Information
18. Any Accommodations or Accessibility Requirements?
19. How did you hear about the NEHERS Mentorship Program?
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Referred By:
20. I understand that employers in the industry may require a CORI check.
CORI Check: *
Any Concerns:
21. I understand that employers in the industry may require random drug testing.
Drug Testing: *
Any Concerns:
22. Consent for NEHERS to use provided information for program purposes
Consent: *
The Program requires documentation of the following:
  • Valid MA Driver's License (for proof of age and MA state residency)
  • If NOT a US Citizen, please also upload your Authorization to Work in the US
  • Resume (optional)
  • OSHA Certification (if applicable)
Please include a short description of each document. Only the following file types will be accepted: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .pdf.
Document 1:
Document 2:
Document 3:
Document 4: