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EARNING Professional Development Credits

RESNET-approved sessions earn 1.5 Professional Development Credits and require the rater to score an 80% or better on our 10-question quiz (Quiz fee: $19.95 for members, $29.95 non-members). Attendees will have two attempts to pass the test for one testing fee. An email will be sent to the testing individual and their Quality Assurance Designee when they have passed the quiz. If a test has to be retaken, an email is only sent to the individual.

Upcoming Webinars

50% Reimbursement from Mass Save for PHIUS Trainings | Register PHIUS+ Verifier Training Oct 18-19 (Use Code NEHERS1) | Register PHIUS+ Rater Training Nov 8th (Use Code NEHERS1)

Past Webinars

Webinar slides and recordings are available to NEHERS members only. If you are not yet a member, you can learn more or join NEHERS now.

RESNET 10-Hour CEU Pack: (Save 50% with Discount Code: nehers50)

Start Smart: Clean Energy from the Ground Up 

In the fall of 2019, Start Smart ran a live conference and recorded the offerings, which are now posted on the Start Smart website. They have bundled 10 of the presentations into this 10-hour RESNET CEU pack for $100. Courses include: Fundamentals of Solar Thermal; Fundamentals of Solar PV; Fundamentals of Air Source Heat Pumps; Fundamentals of Geothermal; Advanced Clean Heating & Cooling (ASHP Equipment); Advanced Clean Heating & Cooloing (ASHP Design); Advanced Clean Heating & Cooling (Hydronics in 2020); Advanced Clean Energy & Renewables (Solar Ready vs. Solar Right); Advanced Clean Energy & Renewables (Selling the Sun); Advanced Cean Energy & Renewables (Electrification & Energy Storage). To register, click the link above and you will take the courses on the Start Smart website. You will be re-directed to the NEHERS website to take each of the ten quizzes. Be sure to enter your QA provider's email when you register for each quiz so that the confirmation email can be sent directly to your provider once you pass the quiz.





  • December 19th - Doug McCleery, MaGrann Associates
    Lessons Learned from a Wet Summer
    Webinar Video | Slides | Register for Quiz
  • December 5th - Mark Pignatelli, ICF and Cy Kilbourn, Ekotrope
    Mass Save Renovations and Additions Program Overview
    Webinar Video | Slides | Register for Quiz
  • November 28th - Ian Finlayson, MA Department of Energy Resources
    Integrating Passive House into US Model Energy Codes When and How?
    Webinar Video | Slides | Register for Quiz
  • August 22nd - Christina Rohrbacher and Harsh Engineer of NEEP
    HELIX, HERS, and the MLS: Accurate and Seamless Integration of HERS Scores
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • August 8th - Peter Hubbe, CR Herro, Mark Nuzzolo, and Jamie Lyons
    Making Solar PV Standard in Residential New Construction Developments
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • June 20th - Stephen Platka
    Manual J: Why Good Design Matters
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • May 23rd - Nick Jones
    Zero Energy Homes: A Connecticut Story
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • May 2nd - Dan Paine, Broan
    Balanced Ventilation and Why it is the Future of Ventilation
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • March 28th - Joe Medosch
    There's an App for That!
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • January 17th - Emelie Cuppernell, Frank Swol, and Mike Browne
    Industry Updates: What you need to know in 2018
    Webinar Video | Slides E.C. | Slides F.S. | Slides M.B. | (Quiz Expired)


  • November 29th - Emily Van Court, BASF
    A Case for Continuous Insulation
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • October 11th - Mike Browne, Advanced Building Analysis and Ian Johnson, Signature Sustainability
    Greenbuild 2017 Preview/ LEED for Homes v.4 Update
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • September 20th - Chris McTaggart, Building Efficiency Resources
    Modeling Mechanicals Consistently
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • July 19th - Doug McCleery, MaGrann Associates
    Moisture, Ventilation & Global Weirding
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • June 28th - Jordan Doria, NAIMA
    Grade I Insulation Installation: Why Builders Should Care
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • May 24th - Liang Gwee, Owens Corning Insulating Systems, LLC
    Insulating and Air Sealing Systems with Dr. Air-Seal
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)
  • April 12th - Peter Hubbe, Will D'Arrigo and Scott Taylor
    How Contractors, Programs, Realtors, and Home Owners Can Benefit from Smart Devices
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)
  • March 8th
    Utility Program Updates for HERS Raters Around New England
    Webinar Video
  • February 27th- Emelie Cuppernell and Ethan Macormick (PSD Presentation at RESNET 2017 Conference)
    Raters' Perspectives on New Homes Programs: Designs that Drive Participation ​


  • December 7th - Laurel Elam, RESNET
    Present and Future of RESNET Quality Assurance
    Webinar Video | Slides
  • November 9th - Peter Hubbe, Massachusetts Residential New Construction Program
    Global Climate Change - Building Energy Efficiency
    Webinar Video | Slides (Quiz Expired)
  • October 19th - Frank Swol, EAM Associates
    Not So Quiet on the Eastern Front: In the Trenches with the 2015 IECC
    Webinar Video | Slides |  (Quiz Expired)
  • September 14th - Emelie Cuppernell, Performance Systems Development
    RESNET Software Updates: Which Version of REM Rate Should I Be Using and Why
    Webinar Video | Slides | Request Handouts (Quiz Expired)
  • July 13th - Spartan Giordano, Spartan Solar
    Solar Hot Water: The Best Rectangle for the Job
    Webinar Video | Slides | Request Handouts (Quiz Expired)

  • June 8th - Douglas McCleery, MaGrann Associates
    Navigating the ENERGY STAR HVAC Design Report
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • May 11th - Bill Spohn, TruTech Tools
    Diagnostic Equipment for RESNET Ventilation Standards
    Webinar VideoSlides |  (Quiz Expired)
  • April 13th - Ziv Rozenblum, Ekotrope
    New HERS Rating Tool and Future Opportunities for HERS Raters
    Webinar Video
  • March 16th - Mark Hutchins, CLEAResult
    High Efficiency Heating Systems Parts and Purposes
    Webinar VideoSlides | (Quiz Expired)
  • February 17th - Brian Butler, Keith Burrows, and Mike Browne, EnerScore
    EnerScore: Estimating Energy Efficiency For The Housing Market
    Webinar Video  | (Quiz Expired)
  • January 20th - Jeff Myron and Rob Vieira, EnergyGauge
    EnergyGauge HERS Rating and Advanced Energy Analysis Software
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)


  • October 14th - Laurel Elam, RESNET
    Changing RESNET Standards: What To Expect in 2016 and Beyond
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • August 19th - Kevin Rose, NEEP and Emelie Cuppernell, PSD
    Residential Asset Ratings and Labeling
    Webinar Video | Slides
  • June 10th - Brett Pevear and Chris McTaggart, Building Efficiency Resources
    Ventilation Testing and Verification Core Concepts
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • May 20th - Caitriona Cooke, Conservation Services Group and Mass Save
    The Changing Residential Energy Code - Moving from 2009 IECC to 2012 IECC
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • April 15th - Robb Aldrich, Steven Winter Associates
    How to Heat Water in All-Electric Homes and Apartments
    Slides | Request Quiz (Quiz Expired)
  • March 18th - Jonah Schein, EPA
    The EPA WaterSense Program and HERS Standard 301
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • February 11th - Wes Riley
    Wood Burning: Rating and Air Quality Issues
    Webinar Video | Slides (Quiz Expired)
  • January 14th - Rob Salcido, NORESCO
    REM/Rate v15 with RESNET/ANSI 301
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)


  • December 3rd
    Meet the Candidates - 2015 Board of Directors Election
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)
  • November 12th - Asa Foss, U.S. Green Building Council
    Leed for Homes in the Northeast Market
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • October 22nd - Dr. James Wells, Tremco Barrier Solutions
    Moisture Dynamics in Residential Construction and Liquid-Applied Weather-Resistant Barriers
    Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • October 8th - Oliver Klein, 475 Home Performance Building Supply
    Decentralized High Efficiency Ventilation
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • September 10th - Martin Orio, The New England Geothermal Professional Association
    Understanding Effective Integration of Ground Source Heat Pump Systems in New England
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • July 16th - Jane Lano, United Illuminating and Joan Glickmann, DOE
    Home Energy Score; a Statewide Initiative for Existing Homes in CT
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • June 18th - Eurihea Speciale, The BER
    2013 Amendments to the RESNET Standards Chapter 9 - Quality Assurance of HERS Ratings, HERS Providers & HERS Rater
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • May 14th - Peter Schneider, Efficiency Vermont
    High Performance Mobile Home Replacement & Whole House Monitoring
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • April 9th - Gayathri Vijayakumar, Steven Winter Associates
    Multifamily HERS Ratings; Applying RESNET's Technical Standards
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • March 12th - Dr James Wells, Tremco Barrier Solutions
    Build a Better House at Lower Cost by Controlling Infiltration
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • February 19th - Mike Burke, Rob Shearer, Jennifer Parsons, Chris Johnson, Chris Gordon, and Rob Sherwood
    Panel Presentation on 2014 Incentive Changes for HERS Rating Projects
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)


  • December 11th - Chris McTaggart, Building Efficiency Resources; Steve Baden, RESNET; Stephen Quirk, Interplay
    New RESNET CAZ Requirements for 2014
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)
  • December 4th - Meet the 2014 NEHERS Board Candidates
    Your chance to hear from the candidates and find out what they hope to bring to the Alliance.
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)
  • November 13th - Jeff Gephart, Vermont Green Homes Alliance with Sara Fogg and Liz Tewksbury, NNEREN
    Transform Your Real Estate Market
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • October 9 - Kristin Bennett and Steve Malon, Blow In Blanket Contractors Association
    High Performance Fiberglass Insulation Systems
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • September 11 - Joe Swift, Connecticut Light and Power, and Rick Nortz, Mitsubishi
    Effective Use of Heat Pump Technology
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • August 14- Justin Farnsworth, DuPont
    Managing Moisture & Solving Water Intrusion Problems in Residential Building Envelopes
  • June 12 - Panel Discussion
    How HERS Raters fit in to Duct and Envelope Testing for 2009 and 2012 IECC
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)
  • May 8 - Michael Browne, Energy Raters of Massachusetts
    Integrated Software Solutions for Streamlined HERS Rating 
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • April 10 - Jamie Lyons, Newport Partners, LLC
    Paving the Way to Zero-Net Energy Ready Homes
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • March13 - Mark Newey, CET
    2005 EPACT Tax Credit Update for 2012-2013 Tax Years
    Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • February 13 - Greg Krantz, ICF International
    HERS Ratings - Gray Areas and Inconsistent Practices
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • January 9- Emelie Cuppernell, Performance Systems Development
    Multifamily Ratings - Special Considerations
    Slides | (Quiz Expired)


  • DECEMBER 12- Meet the NEHERS Board Candidates
    Your chance to hear from the candidates and find out what they hope to bring to the Alliance.
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)
  • NOVEMBER 14 - Eurihea Speciale and Chris McTaggart, Building Efficiency Resources
    2012 RESNET Standard Amendments & REM/Rate Updates Overview
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)
  • OCTOBER 10 - Gayathri Vijayakumar, Steven Winters Associates
    ENERGY STAR for Multifamily Buildings
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • SEPTEMBER 12 - Ryan Miller, Advanced Energy
    Advanced Energy's Quality Assured Professional (QAP) for HVAC Program
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • AUGUST 15 - Carl Shapiro and Robb Aldrich , Steven Winter Associates
    The New Heat Pump Water Heaters
    Webinar Video | Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • JULY 11 - John Semmelhack, Think Little Home Energy LLC
    PHIUS+ Quality Assurance for North American Passive Houses
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)
  • JUNE 13 - Building Efficiency Resources and Steve Christensen
    ASHRAE Standard 62.2: Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)
  • MAY 9 - Mike Browne and Steve Gardner, Advanced Building Analysis, LLC and Energy Raters Of Massachusetts, Inc.
    SketchUp for REM: A presentation on using Google SketchUp for Thermal Boundary modeling and REM take-offs.
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)
  • APRIL 24 - Retrotec Presentation: What you may not know about duct testing: an open discussion about pressurizing versus depressurizing duct work, followed by live demos on various duct testing methods and an overview of the RESNET Chapter 8 changes.
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)
  • APRIL 11 - Eurihea Speciale and Chris McTaggart, The BER
    Part 2 -Understanding the RESNET Ch. 8 Performance Testing Standard - Chapter 8: "Resnet Standard For Performance Testing And Work Scope, Enclosure And Air Distribution Leakage Testing"
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)
  • MARCH 14 - Past NEHERS Presidents' and Founders' Forum
    Don't miss this special member call featuring the NEHERS Alliance leaders from the past 12 years, during which time there have been significant changes in our industry. You will have a chance to ask questions and participate in the discussion as well. Presenters will discuss the history of NEHERS, the evolution of the industry, and ideas of where it will go in the future.
    Invited Presenters: Richard Faesy, Adam Gifford, Kevin Stack, Chris Johnson, Ben Adams, Bruce Harley, Frazer Dougherty, Mike Guerard, and Wes Riley
    Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • FEBRUARY 15 - Don Vigneau - Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP)
    "The Coming of the 2012 International [Residential] Energy Conservation Code"
    With the 2012 IECC hot off the press, HERS raters are interested in how the new residential provisions will be implemented and enforced, and whether the provisions will provide expanded opportunities for performance testing by raters. Don will review the new residential provisions.
    Slides | (Quiz Expired)
  • JANUARY 11 - Eurihea Especiale and Chris McTaggert, The BER
    Understanding the RESNET Ch. 8 Performance Testing Standard - Chapter 8: "Resnet Standard For Performance Testing And Work Scope, Enclosure And Air Distribution Leakage Testing"
    Webinar Video | (Quiz Expired)