Mentorship Employer Application

The Northeast HERS Alliance is seeking employers for our RFI and HERS Modeler Mentorship Program that begins in April 2024. We will be pairing each student with an employer for job placement. The will program will run from April to June 2024 for the initial certification process and then July to October for job placement support.

1. Contact Information
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2. Do you currently have capacity within your organization to have an RFI or HERS Modeler candidate job shadow your regular employees?
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3. Do you currently have capacity within your organization to oversee mentored field ratings for RFI candidates?
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4. Would you be interested in hiring the following in your company?
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5. How many candidates would you be able to place right now?
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6. How many candidates would you anticipate being able to place within the next 2 years?
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7. Do you have any employees on staff that speak a language other than English?
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Language(s): If so, what languages?
8. Please check all information needed for your hiring process.
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9. Is there any additional information you'd like to share that we haven't already asked?
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