Home Energy Rater Training Agenda

On-Line Training

This intensive, 36-hour training is delivered over two weeks via twelve 3-hour daily webinars.
The training is synchronous - all sessions are live with a trainer, so that student interaction is
high. Students learn how to use energy modeling software, and the training includes daily
quizzes and homework assignments.

Each module is a class of 3 hours in length. Below is a brief outline of the content covered in
each module.

  • Module I: Introduction
    • Introductions/overview
    • Introduction to RESNET, Ratings, ENERGY STAR, and Mortgages
    • House as a system/ Introduction to Building Performance
    • RESNET Standards, reference home
  • Module II: Building Science
    • Baseload consumption and efficiency
    • Building airflow and Blower Door
  • Module III: Building Envelope - Thermal
    • Thermal Boundary
    • Insulation Properties (durability, R-value, U-factor, etc.)
    • Conductive transfer calculations
  • Module IV: Building Envelope – Pressure
    • Blower door testing
    • Zonal pressure diagnostics
    • Economics of air sealing
    • Interactions with comfort, health and durability
  • Module V: Mechanical systems
    • Heating & cooling system
    •  Load calculations, AHRI, duct testing
  • Module VI: Ventilation and Distribution
    • Ventilation systems, ASHRAE, testing
  • Module VII: Combustion Safety
    • Health and safety testing
    • Required Interplay RESCAZ software simulation for student practice
    • Demo of software and relation to standards
  • Module VIII: Math and Measurements
    • Math for ratings
    • Plan take-offs, field data collection
  • Module IX: Software Modeling and Ratings
    • Energy modeling overview
    • REMRate data entry, reports
  • Module X: RESNET Practical Simulation
    • Performing an HERS rating using the required practical simulation software
  • Module XI: Ratings from Plans
    • Create REM model from provided plans
  • Module XII: Rating Process, Quality Assurance and Review

Class Session

  • Pre-class requirements
    • Register and Complete NEHERS 36 hours on-line courses
    • Pass online test for each module (must be within 12-months of class date)
    • Completed RESCAZ tutorials
    • Completed assigned practice rating
  • Class schedule
    • Day 1 (online)
      • Subject review
      • Work on model from plans
      • RESCaz Exam
    • Day 2 (travel day)
    • Day 3 (in field)
      • Field data collection for Confirmed Rating
      • Test each rater on use of equipment
    • Day 4
      • Model Field House
      • Practical SIM exams
    • Day 5
      • Review
      • Complete/Work on model(s)
      • RESNET rater test
      • Optional retest for RESCaz


  • If Rating from Plans or Confirmed Rating not completed by end of Day 5 they must be submitted to trainer within 7 days