Rater & Provider Definitions

The following infrastructure for HERS raters and provider organizations has been established within the NEHERS Alliance to maintain the national standards for HERS organizations as set by NASEO/RESNET.

  Accredited HERS Provider Organizations Associated Rater(s)
Definition Applied for and received accreditation designation under NASEO/RESNET HERS guidelines. Individual or small organization with technical capabilities but lacking resources or desire to become accredited.
Accreditation Status Fully accredited
May choose to maintain relationship with Associated Raters (as "Accredited HERS Ally").
Operates under Accredited HERS Member Organization
Quality Control Full QC system
Designates an officer, employee or contractor to be responsible for quality assurance within the organization ("QA Designee").
Maintains QA files according to NASEO HERS Guidelines.
Operates under Accredited HERS Member Organization's QC system
Database Maintains database of all issued ratings.
Reports ratings to software vendor as required.
Operates under Accredited HERS Provider’s rating database system
REM/Rate Licensing Licenses rating software directly through software vendor(s). No direct licensing option available; operates under Accredited HERS Ally’s software license.
Issues ratings under Accredited HERS Ally's name.
Receives rating numbers from Accredited HERS Ally.