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Technical Director - NEHERS - Hybrid - MA Preferred

Posted: June 3, 2024

Job Description:

The Northeast Home Energy Rating System Alliance (NEHERS) is seeking a Technical Director to work in close partnership with the NEHERS Executive Director and staff, the NEHERS Board, our funding partners, training partners, and other partner organizations, to ensure the technical quality in program development and management efforts.

The requirements for this position include:

  • HERS Rater Credentials in good standing with RESNET
  • HERS Rater Trainer Credentials (or ability to obtain)
  • Candidate Field Assessor Credentials (or ability to obtain)
  • At least 10 years of experience in the HERS Industry, with extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of the work, both in the field and in modeling.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, including excellent technical writing capacity for manual revisions and curriculum development.
  • Strong project management skills, including the ability to track multiple projects simultaneously, keep on schedule, meet deadlines and deliver positive growth outcomes for the organization.
  • Strong ethical values and consideration of the impact of decisions on training candidates, partners, the NEHERS board/staff and the organization as a whole.
  • Capacity for cultivating mutually-beneficial relationships with prospective partner organizations.
  • Capacity to work with people from a wide range of demographic backgrounds and demonstrate cultural sensitivity.
  • The ability to work both independently and to collaborate as a member of a team.
  • The ability to work remotely and on-site/ in the field, as needed.

This is a full-time W2 position with health insurance and two weeks paid vacation. Salary is commensurate with experience. This is a primarily a remote position, but with a strong preference for candidates located in or willing to relocate to MA.

Job Responsibilities:

Training Program Development and Expansion:

  • Expands our Mentorship Program, utilizing the RFI and HERS Modeler pathways, to recruit candidates from under-represented demographics in MA (BI-POC, Women, low-income, etc to enter the HERS industry …), to train these candidates as RFIs and HERS Modelers, and to support existing HERS Rating Companies to employ and retain these candidates.
    • Collaborates with the Executive Director, Outreach Coordinator, the NEHERS Board, and partner organizations to recruit and train candidates in the program.
    • Demonstrates an awareness of barriers to entry in this field and challenges related to retention of candidates from diverse backgrounds; generates innovative ideas and creative solutions for addressing these barriers.
    • Develops/deepens partnerships with Massachusetts-based Community Colleges, Trade Schools, MassHire, Community Based Organizations, and Employers to strengthen existing training pipelines and explore new training avenues. 
    • Maintains open internal and external communication channels with NEHERS staff, training partners/service providers, and employers about students’ progress.
    • Meets regularly with students and acts as a career mentor/advisor to identify appropriate next steps and resources needed to succeed.
    • Acts quickly to identify and resolve potential stumbling blocks and endeavors to elicit and encourage the full expression each student’s unique talents and gifts.
    • Approaches challenges with a spirit of curiosity and cultivates an atmosphere of resource-sharing and collaboration that invites participation, so as to address any problems that arise in a timely and effective way.
    • Supports outreach efforts by the Outreach Coordinator to obtain wrap-around services and needed resources for students to succeed in the program.
    • Supports Outreach Coordinator and Executive Director in strategic planning to enhance program design and delivery.
    • Participates in data collection and documentation needed for reporting to funders and writing additional grants.
  • Supports the extension of the Mentorship Programming, including wrap-around services, into the ongoing HERS Rater Trainings and into up-skilling, career advancement trainings and small business development training.
  • Implements strategic project management improvements from a technical perspective, from lessons learned, best practices and cross-pollination.
  • Anticipates the feasibility of options being considered, as well as, the trends and impact of economic and political environment on funders, partners, the NEHERS board and training candidates.
  • Demonstrates effective problem-solving and decision-making skills, confidently considers and introduces new approaches to complex problems, and is confident in ability to take on and apply new and different solutions.
  • Additional duties as assigned.

Manual Revision:

  • Revises or oversees the comprehensive revision of the NEHERS Training and Reference Manual, as basis for curriculum development outlined below:
    • Removes outdated content (ie. chapter 3) and adds/updates new content where necessary.
    • Organizes content so that there are pull-out sections for RFIs and Modelers.
    • Streamlines content wherever possible.
    • Ensures that chapter and page numbers are updated and align with the index.
    • Identifies a secure digital distribution method as either a PDF version or ebook.

Curriculum and Content Development:

  • Leads or oversees technical curriculum development necessary to support program expansion, including technical content­­­ writing and the conceptualization and development of technical slide decks and training materials to support the entire arc of a Rater’s career, including:
    • Basic content supporting new candidates, like math and geometry skills
    • RFI Curriculum
    • HERS Modeler Curriculum
    • HERS Rater Training Curriculum
    • Career Advancement/ Upskilling Curriculum on topics like:
      • “Now You’re A Rater- What Next?” webinar series for new HERS raters covering things new raters will need to learn on the job.
      • Series on how to use the different PHIUS Checklists.
      • Series on career advancement opportunities, including Energy Star, LEED, PHIUS, HERS H2O, the CO2 index, Embodied Carbon, etc…
    • QAD and Trainer Training Curriculum (i.e. content for the “Silver Tsunami”)
    • Small Business Development Curriculum
  • Prepares content for delivery of live trainings, and delivers the trainings live on Zoom so that students have access to live instructors and can ask questions and get answers in real time.
  • Utilizes recorded content strategically and optimizes costs by balancing live content with recorded content.

Business Development

  • Collaborates with educational institutions, social service agencies, Community-Based Organizations, non-profits, private sector entities and corporations, funding partners, and government agencies to grow business development opportunities in current and new markets.
  • Contributes to current and new technical services initiatives.
  • Develops direct-pay training programs with self-sustaining revenue.
  • Cultivates innovative ways of working by adopting multisector approaches and by effective partnering and coalition building.
  • Supports efforts to expand the mentorship programming into additional states (currently only for MA.)

Corporate and Financial

  • Accountable for delivery of work program and ensuring timely delivery and overall quality of technical output in a fiscally responsible manner.

People Management

  • Demonstrates cultural sensitivity to a wide range of educational and socio-economic backgrounds in interactions with candidates from under-represented demographics in the HERS industry.
  • Drives and inspires technical excellence by creating an environment of learning and innovation that attracts and develops the best talent reflective of the diversity of our region.
  • Provides strong leadership by example, leveraging strong organizational, managerial, technical, process, and people management skills that can motivate a team.

Eminence Building

  • Forges partnerships and maintain excellent relationships with government, non-governmental organizations, private sector partners, and funders to develop and implement technical programming.
  • Strong willingness to work both remotely and outside of the office, specifically identifying and developing technical eminence in the field.
  • Establishes a community of practice in technical service line.
  • Create visibility and credibility to appropriately position this organization as a strong leader in technical areas.

The Northeast Home Energy Rating System Alliance is an equal opportunity employer. We respect and seek to empower each individual to share the unique gifts that only they can bring into the world and support the diverse cultures, perspectives, skills and experiences within our workforce.

Any current NEHERS Board Members who wish to apply for this position will need to follow our Board Member Application and Hiring Policy.

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to Betsy Ames at no later than Friday, June 14th at 5PM.