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Technical Director - NEHERS

Posted: August 1, 2023


Job Description:

The Northeast Home Energy Rating System Alliance (NEHERS) is seeking a technical director to design a mentorship program, utilizing the RFI and HERS Modeler pathways, to support candidates from under-represented demographics to enter the HERS industry and to support existing HERS Rating Companies to employ and retain these candidates. The technical director will work in close partnership with the NEHERS Executive Director, the NEHERS Board and training partners, as well as, yet-to-be-identified partner organizations, to create “wrap around” support services for this soup-to-nuts mentorship program. S/he will also develop content for ongoing support related to career advancement and small business development.

The Technical Director will be responsible for ensuring technical quality in program development and management efforts. The responsibilities for this position will require at least 10 years of experience in the HERS Industry, with extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of the work, both in the field and in modeling. S/he will have strong written and verbal communication skills, including excellent technical writing capacity for manual revisions and curriculum development. S/he will also demonstrate a capacity for cultivating mutually-beneficial relationships with funders, board members, and prospective partners and will deliver sound management and positive growth outcomes for the organization.

This is initially a two-year 1099 position and will start out as part-time without benefits (except two weeks paid vacation), and with potential to expand into a full-time, long-term position, with benefits.

Job Responsibilities:

Technical Leadership:

  • Leads technical curriculum development, writes technical content, conceptualizes and develops technical slide decks and packets, including:

               - Comprehensive revision of NEHERS Training and Reference Manual.

                         -streamlining where possible.

                        - identifies secure publication/digital distribution method for the PDF version of the manual.

               - Develop or locate existing basic content supporting candidates entering this field, topics may include:

                        - math and geometry skills

                        - computer literacy

                        - job readiness

                        - English as a Second Language (ESL)

                       - personal finances/budgeting

                       - other areas identified by the board and partner organizations.

               - Mentorship programming development:

                         - curriculum development for the RESNET Rating Field Inspector (RFI) pathway

                         - curriculum development for the RESNET HERS Modeler pathway

                         - participate in the identification of recruiting partners and collaborators

                         - participate in the identification of partner organizations that can provide “wrap-around” support services, which may include:

                                 - job readiness

                                 - childcare

                                 - transportation/ driver’s license

                                 - immigration status

                                 - other areas identified by the board and partner organizations.

              - curriculum development for existing HERS Rating Companies to support the retention of candidates from this program, which may include:

                         - cultural sensitivity training

                         - personal finance/budgeting

                         - other areas identified by the board and partner organizations.

                         - at least one year of case management post job-placement.

             - Curriculum development for the NEHERS HERS Rater Training:

                         - update previous NEHERS curriculum to align with the manual.

                         - develop slide decks

                         - create video content as agreed upon by the training committee.

                         - work in partnership with training partners to prepare RFI and Modeler students for the full HERS rater training.

             - Curriculum development for ongoing career advancement, which may include:

                        - “Now You’re A Rater- What Next?” webinar series for new HERS raters covering things new raters will need to learn on the job.

                        - Series on how to use the different PHIUS Checklists.

                        - Series on career advancement opportunities, including Energy Star, LEED, PHIUS, HERS H2O, the CO2 index, Embodied Carbon, etc…

                        - opportunities to explore what is involved in becoming a QAD or trainer.

                        - content related to small business development.

  • Demonstrates an awareness of barriers to entry in this field and challenges related to retention of candidates from diverse backgrounds; generates mutually-beneficial partnerships, high impact innovative ideas and creative solutions for addressing these barriers.
  • Implements strategic direction and management to projects from a technical perspective, from lessons learned, successes, tools, best practices and cross-pollination.
  • Anticipates the feasibility of options being considered, as well as, the trends and impact of economic and political environment on funders, partners, the NEHERS board and training candidates.
  • Demonstrates effective problem-solving and decision-making skills; Confidently considers and introduces new approaches to complex problems; Confident in ability to take on and apply new and different solutions.

Business Development:

  • Contributes to business development by growing opportunities in new and current markets, through close collaboration with governments, private sector entities, multilateral institutions, non-governmental organizations, funders and coalitions.
  • Contributes to current and new technical services initiatives.
  • Identifies new market spaces and cultivates innovative ways of working by adopting multisector approaches, and by effective partnering.

Corporate and Financial:

  • Accountable for delivery of work program and ensuring timely delivery and overall quality of technical output in a fiscally responsible manner.

People Management:

  • Collaborate with the Executive Director, the NEHERS Board, and partner organizations to recruit candidates into the program and assist in delivering wrap around services related to job-readiness, computer literacy, transportation, child care, or other identified barriers to entry into the field; provide job placement support to candidates and ongoing case management for both candidate and employer to facilitate candidate retention in the field.
  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity to a wide range of educational and socio-economic backgrounds in interactions with candidates from under-represented demographics in the HERS industry.
  • Act as a mentor to candidates in this program, seeking to identify and resolve potential stumbling blocks, and to elicit and encourage the full expression each student’s unique talents and gifts.
  • Approach challenges with a spirit of curiosity and cultivate an atmosphere of resource-sharing and collaboration that invites participation.
  • Drive and inspire technical excellence by creating an environment of learning and innovation that attracts and develops the best talent reflective of the diversity of our clients.
  • Provide strong leadership by example, leveraging strong organizational, managerial, technical, process, and people management skills that can motivate a team.

Eminence Building:

  • Forge partnerships and maintain excellent relationships with government, non-governmental organizations, private sector partners, and funders to develop and implement technical programming.
  • Strong willingness to work outside of the office, specifically identifying and developing technical eminence in the field.
  • Establish a community of practice in technical service line.
  • Create visibility and credibility to appropriately position this organization as a strong leader in technical areas.

The Northeast Home Energy Rating System Alliance is an equal opportunity employer. We respect and seek to empower each individual to share the unique gifts that only they can bring into the world and support the diverse cultures, perspectives, skills and experiences within our workforce.

In order to apply, please email your resume and cover letter to Betsy at no later than September 1st at 5PM (Eastern Time).

Any current NEHERS Board Members who wish to apply for this position will need to follow our Board Member Application and Hiring Policy