RESNET Hybrid HERS Rater Training- WINTER 2024

January 22-February 2, 2024, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST and February 12-16, 2024, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
Online Modules Component (Online)/ Classroom-Field Practical Component (Some Portion Will Be Live In the Field)

Register Here Scholarship Application

The Northeast HERS Alliance is pleased to offer one scholarship slot for attending our Winter 2024 HERS Rater Training. The purpose of this scholarship is to make this training available to an individual from an under-represented demographic in the HERS Industry (BI-POC, women, low-income, veterans, single moms, young adults,  etc...) who may not otherwise have access to this training. Current employees of HERS Rating Companies may not apply. 

Priority will be giving to applicants based in our geographical area of focus, which includes CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI and VT. Please note that 8 of the 12 online modules must be attended live (we encourage you to attend all of them live) and at least some portion of the practical/field component will be on-site/in the field either in CT, MA or NH and transportation will be required.

Please submit a letter of interest and your resume to info@nehers.org along with the application by 5 P.M. (Eastern Time) on December 18, 2023. Applications received after 5 P.M. on December 18th will not be reviewed, no exceptions. Scholarship applicants do not need to register before the award is announced (on or before January 5, 2024) and any applicant that is not selected may still register directly on our website before the registration deadline on January 8th if they would like to, or they may apply again for a scholarship for subsequent trainings in the future.

Please note that at least last three days of the Classroom/Field Practical Component of this training, which has been done for the last several years on Zoom due to Covid, will be live on site with the trainers and your classmates. This means that students WILL have to travel in order to attend this training. The training site will be in TBD in CT, MA or NH. Travel and lodging are not included in the registration fee.

The Alliance is pleased to offer high quality HERS rater training classes in the Northeast 3-4 times per year.  We have contracted with Performance Systems Development (PSD) to run this training. Our hybrid HERS rater training classes have an online modules component, which includes all of the building science theory, and a “classroom/field” practical component in person, which includes all of the hands-on practical training and testing that is necessary to prepare to pass the rater exams.  This comprehensive package has everything a student needs to be well prepared to become a HERS rater.  HERS Rater Training is the first step towards Rater Certification.  To learn more about the requirements for certification click here.  Both online and classroom components are required for Rater Certification.  Registration deadline is January 8, 2024. Download the flyer.

This course has been approved by the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund, which has funds available for employee training.  Step one is to get a certificate of good standing here.  Step two is to fill in the application here (select online course application in step 1 under the Application Process Summary).  The course ID # is:1104902.  An overview of the application process can be found here and here.  Please direct questions about the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Application to the Express Team at  express@commcorp.org.

Full Training Cost of $2995 Includes the Combined Online Modules and Classroom/Field Practical Components, and $525 in RESNET Testing Fees:

  • All three RESNET Exam Fees- including the HERS Rater Exam ($525 total value)
  • The Northeast HERS Training and Reference Manual ($100 value)
  • A one-year Associate Membership in the Alliance ($60 value)

Online Modules Training Component:


Dates: Weekdays from January 22 - February 2, 2023

Times: Monday- Friday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and Wednesdays 1:00 PM -4:00 PM (EST)

  • 36 hours webinar instruction from the comfort of your own home or office*
  • Both live and recorded presentation options
  • Assignments and quizzes to make sure you master the material

*A minimum of 8 of 12 sessions must be attended live. Students are expected to keep up with the class and to take initiative to get their questions answered if they miss any sessions.  The sessions will be recorded, but the review of previous day's quiz and the class Q&A time will not be in the recording.  In addition to the hours outlined above, students should also budget time for up to 2 hours of homework per night.   (Pre-approved for 36 BPI credits.)

The Alliance is now offering an online only option as a stand-alone component for anyone who wants to know about ratings but does not want to become a rater.  The online only component costs $875 and includes information about building science, energy modeling, and performance testing.  This offer also includes an NEHERS manual ($100 value) and a 1-year associate membership to the Alliance ($60 value) but does NOT include simulation software or RESNET testing.  Must be combined with the classroom/field practical training component for Rater Certification.

5-Day Classroom/Field Practical Training Component:


Dates:  February 12 - 16, 2024, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (EST)           

Location: TBD (in either CT, MA or NH)

  • Hands-on learning equipment usage with blower door and duct blaster
  • Two of the five Probationary Ratings overseen by a RESNET certified Candidate Field Assessor required by RESNET
  • Preparation, proctoring and fees for all three RESNET Exams.

Purchase the John Krigger Residential Energy book for an additional $88.50 (including shipping) when you register if you want a hard copy.  This is the most common reference book on building science used both to prepare for the class and as a reference for the open book exam.  This course is pre-approved for 36 BPI credits.

For students taking the full training, there is no additional modeler training necessary.

***Both online modules and classroom/field practical components are required for Rater Certification***



Have you read our Q&A section for future 'Independent' raters?

Prior to making payment, be sure you have read and understood our Cancellation Policy (below)
For questions email info@nehers.org or call/text 978-633-3013.  Office Hours are Tues 9am-12pm and 1pm-5pm/ Wed 1-5pm/ Thurs 9am-12pm and 1-5pm.

Contact: Betsy Ames at 978.633.3013

Cancellation Policy:

The Alliance is pleased to be able to offer high-quality HERS Rater training in the Northeast. It would be unfortunate to have to cancel a class at the last minute because one or more students drop out. In order to cover our costs and continue to hold classes when students cancel, our refund policy is as follows:

The minimum deposit to hold a spot in this class is $1000 at the time of registration (PLEASE NOTE: $200 of this deposit is non-refundable) . Fees paid by the Alliance to RESNET for software licenses included in the training are also non-refundable. And any fees paid by students for Krigger books are not refundable once the books have been shipped.


If you need to cancel your registration and our training coordinator receives notice of your cancellation in writing (email):

  • 21 or more days prior to the online class: You will be refunded the full training cost minus the $200 non-refundable deposit.
  • Between 21 and 8 days prior to the online class: You will be refunded the full training cost minus the $200 non-refundable deposit and a $150 processing fee.
  • 7 calendar days or less prior to the online class: No refund.


If you need to transfer your registration to an upcoming training and our training coordinator receives notice of your intent to transfer in writing (email):

  • 21 or more days prior to the online class: You may apply the non-refundable deposit, plus a $100 transfer fee, to a future Alliance training session if one is available.*
  • Between 21 and 8 days prior to the online class: You may apply the non-refundable deposit, plus a $250 transfer fee, to a future Alliance training session if one is available.*
  • 7 calendar days or less prior to the online class: You may apply the non-refundable deposit, plus a $500 transfer fee, to a future Alliance training session if one is available.* In the event that a student either does not pass or drops out from the online component, then wishes to transfer to an upcoming training, the student will be responsible for the full cost of re-taking the online component, which may be higher than the $500 transfer fee. This may be the case even if the overall price of the training has not changed.


If a registration is transferred to a future Alliance training session and you then withdraw, the Alliance will retain both the non-refundable deposit and the transfer fee based on either how many days in advance of the original training you transferred or how many days in advance of the subsequent online training you withdrew, whichever is shorter. If you transfer your registration seven calendar days or less prior to the online class and then withdraw from the subsequent training, there is no refund. Students must transfer registrations within 1 year from their original registration and may transfer registrations no more than twice.

Exceptions to the above stated policy are rare but will be considered on a case-by-case basis with the approval of the NEHERS Board of Directors. If you have to withdraw from a class, please contact the training coordinator immediately at 978-633-3013.

*Future Alliance training sessions, may or may not include third party subsidies, therefore future sessions may be at a higher cost than the one from which you are withdrawing. If you transfer to a class that is at a higher cost, the student will be responsible for the difference.