Equipment Rebates vs. MARNC

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6/11/2020 9:58:00 AM
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Equipment Rebates vs. MARNC


I'm pretty confused on what's available to new construction builders. It seems like going through the MARNC will yield between a $1000-$2000 rebate for a typical home. It looks like Gas Networks and Mass Save have merged. The equipment rebates on the Mass Save site seem significantly higher than the RNC program. We (raters) miss out on the Mass Save Rater incentive, but it looks like builders could get significantly more money by applying to the Mass Save equipment rebates. I'm assuming that new construction is eligible, but please let me know if that's wrong or if you have any input in advising builders in this important part of our service.


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Dan Jarmolowicz

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11/16/2020 6:04:13 PM
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Re: Equipment Rebates vs. MARNC

You are not alone Dan, and I think the equipment rebates will not be competing with MassSave Residential New Construction rebates much longer. They were certainly never meant to, but there was very little to deter anyone from applying it that way.