NTI GF 200 Combo Hydro-air DHW

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3/4/2020 7:02:30 PM
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NTI GF 200 Combo Hydro-air DHW

I have a home with the NTI GF 200 combo instantaneous water heater and hydro air furnace all in one, nice unit.  The EnergyGuide label on one side of the unit listed the furnace as NY Thermal GF 200 AFUE 97.1, the mfgrs label also on the unit confirmed this and on the other side was another EnergyGuide label that listed a Navien NPE-240A.  I could find AHRI Certificate for the GF 200 as a furnace with the AFUE of 97.1 but could not find the AHRI certificate for it as a water  heater.   I am pretty sure there is not a Navien inside as I have seen the insides of Naviens and they don't look like this.  The manufacturers brochure lists the AFUE of 97.1 and the EF of 0.97 (UEF 0.96) but there is no mention of Navien.

I heard this model mentioned today can anyone shed some light on this, is Navien associated with this?

I wish we could attach files as I have all the backup I'd love to show, pictures, documents.

3/5/2020 6:42:36 AM
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Re: NTI GF 200 Combo Hydro-air DHW



great idea about attachments and I will email you the AHRI certs I use for these units. I also believe there is a direct connection between the Navien technology and this unit but have not yet found that in writing. for now model and document this as the two separate units.

I also feel the prescriptive rebate may be $2750. listed as a forced air builder. this unit is essentially a hydro air. I am waiting for confirmation from ICF on that as we speak.