Good Consistency!

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11/23/2020 5:32:11 PM
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Good Consistency!

Not a question - just a quick funny story.

So I was grading insulation in a home that was going for ENERGY STAR Homes, and the insulator showed up to furtively spray a can of foam into a narrow cavity that had been missed. I hadn't met him before and I hadn't worked with this builder before either. I said hi and asked him what insulation thickness he was targeting for the high density spray-foam at the walls and roof. He said 2" for the walls (they also had 1" polyiso on the exterior) and 7" for the roof. I told him that everything looked pretty good and I was able to give him grade 1 at 2" for the walls, but only 6" for the roof. He was a bit peeved and said "You guys always tell me that!" and I said "Oh! I'm glad we are consistent!" 

Keep up the good work everyone!

And have a peaceful safe Thanksgiving.