Why Train With the Northeast HERS Alliance

Regional Expertise - Our training is focused on the climate considerations specific to the Northeast. Our Trainers are raters who work in this market. Our competitors are Nationally-based companies and may not cover all those situations that are commonly encountered by rating professionals in the Northeast.

Realistic Expectations - Students often comment is that there is too much material to master in a short period of time. It is extremely difficult to cram this material into 40 hours, as some of our competitors do. NEHERS gives our students more time to digest the material for a less stressful and manageable learning experience, with a higher chance of success. We also now offer half of our training online. Therefore our students have less travel, and get to learn in a more comfortable environment.

Student Support - Our admin staff and trainers are available to answer student questions before, during, and after the training. We don’t abandon you once the training is over. Certification takes more than just training, and NEHERS is there to help you every step of the way.

We Care About Quality Service, Not Making a Profit - We are a non-profit organization whose only mission is to support the HERS industry in the Northeast. We are run by a volunteer Board made up of Raters, Providers and Program administrators who give their time because they are truly passionate about the importance of home performance and energy efficiency.